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I draw conversations!

I draw meetings and events! I sketch in real time, simple graphics of your discussions as they happen. You watch the visuals unfold and get to see the big picture (on your screen or on large paper in the room) develop as the conversation grows.

  • Bring some magic into your meetings.

  • Get actionable results from your meeting.
  • Everyone’s contribution is valued.
  • See the big picture.

I would love to help you get the most out your events and meetings. Using live illustration is really powerful. I work both digitally and in person. Here are some of the ways I work:

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Virtual Scribing
Visual Facilitation
Visual Recording

Virtual Scribing


I draw the key points and ideas from your meeting on an iPad or on Paper and can project this into your online meeting space.

At your online event, we can:

  • Project drawings in real time – watch me draw as conversations unfold

  • Project stills of drawings at key points – great for quick reviews / breaks

  • Share drawings immediately after the event – get noticed on social media

  • Share more detailed and agreed illustrations a short time after the event

Visual Facilitation


I develop and facilitate interactive workshops, meetings and programmes where groups of people come together to think.

Do your meetings go round in circles?

Are you constantly making plans but not really achieving your goal?

Do you want to consult in fun and engaging ways?

See What's Being Discussed

Imagine a meeting where everyone’s contributions are drawn up on a large graphic chart.

Seeing What you Say

Shows people they have been heard, it builds confidence and encourages others to speak up.

Engage Your Whole Team

Through pictures, colours and simple text you see your team’s understanding deepen and creativity soar.

Shared Understanding

Seeing what’s been said aids listening and breaks down barriers. Witness teams coming together to solve problems and plan.

Take More Informed Decisions

Using live visuals brings magic to the room. It empowers people and focuses your meetings and future action.

Effective Use of Time

Having everything mapped out in front you makes for well informed, quicker decisions, people are motivated to action.

Visual Recording

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Think of this like a visual minute or a pictorial reflection of your meeting or conference.

I capture and draw key themes throughout and create a series of graphic charts.  These can be shared instantly via social media which helps to create a buzz about your event and engage with people outside the room.

You can then share your graphic charts with participants as aide memoirs, either electronically or on paper.  It becomes easy to bring others up to speed quickly by showing them what your event was about.

Using visuals not only enhances emotions and attitude but they increase comprehension, recollection and retention.

Visual Communication and Facilitation Training

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The best thing about visual or graphic facilitation is that there are no prerequisites.

You don’t need to be good at art. Anyone can be a visual scribe. Anyone!

I offer two kinds of training:

  • Open courses for individuals.
  • In-house courses for organisations.

I have spent over 20 years working in the field of learning and development.

I can draw on my 10 years experience within financial services as well as more recently working in the Third Sector. My particular interests are around improving communication and co-production.

Training Courses

Introduction to Visual Recording is a one-day training course to develop your skills in recording conversations and meetings in pictures.

Learn how to strengthen communication and interaction with individuals and groups in a creative, inclusive and memorable way.

Come along and:

  • Understand what visual recording is and recognise it’s many benefits
  • Create your own basic graphic images
  • Find the secrets of shading, colour and personal style
  • Develop planning techniques for your recordings
  • Practice, practice, practice in a fun and supportive environment
Book this course

Person Centred Planning is a three day course packed full of facilitation tools. Explore ways to support individual and group conversations, plan and facilitate person centred plans, service user days, committee meetings, service user reviews, team meetings and team development sessions. Together we discover engaging ways to work with groups and learn how you can transfer the techniques to your day to day working.

Come along and:

  • Learn basic graphic facilitation
  • Develop basic facilitation principles
  • Understand and facilitate MAP process with individuals and groups
  • Understand and facilitate PATH process with individuals and groups
  • Build confidence by providing experience of applying tools to ourselves and others in group
  • Explore variations of techniques by providing space for discussion and reflection on use within own role.

Bespoke courses can be designed for your organisation, talk to me about what will help you.


She took time to understand and deliver the brief, and her refreshing approach built confidence and skill in the team. I would highly recommend Clare as a graphic facilitator, and as a trainer of others.
Steve McCreadie, The Lens
The best thing about the poster is that it’s something we can use for multiple purposes when discussing ‘student transitions’…it has an infinite lifespan as its not limited to one case study, or one opinion, but multiple voices.
Stef Black Finikin, Your Students’ Union
Using her fantastic listening and creative skills she used the PATH process to capture where we wanted to be in a years’ time. This was a very productive session with the team leaving feeling that they had the opportunity to feed into this very visual and powerful planning tool.
Zak Stark, Forth Valley College
Association of Illustrators Member
IFVP Member Badge 2018
I Want to Use Live Visuals

Large scale visuals drawn in real time capturing the heart of what you say.

  • Generate more participation and use a co-productive approach where all voices are heard.
  • Encourage creative thinking and deepen understanding and recall.
  • No longer waste time in meetings.
  • Generate commitment to action and ownership of tasks.
I Want to Use Live Visuals